Dogecoin at a glance

Asset Information

Asset name: Dogecoin
Nice name: Doge
Description: Popular
Ticker: DOGE
Asset type: Coin
Total Supply: [unlimited]
Circulation: 132,399,926,783
ICO/Premine: NO
Proof Type: PoW
Algorithm: sha256
Social Contacts:
CMC: ttps://
Transparency balance sheet
Wallet inbound (1): 6,714.1 DOGE
Wallet outbound (2): -541.5 DOGE
Transferred to user inbound (3): 6,714.1 DOGE
Transferred to user outbound (4): -541.5 DOGE
Market grand balance (5): 5,773.2 DOGE
Open orders balance (6): 399.4 DOGE
Balance 1+2 (a): 6,172.6 DOGE
Balance 3+4 (b): 6,172.6 DOGE
Balance 5+6 (c): 6,172.6 DOGE
Physical wallet balance (d): 6,181.7 DOGE

All 4 numbers shall be the same or roughly the same. If a number is off, it is automatically changed to red.

(a): the balance between deposit and withdraw requests.

(b): the balance between deposit and withdraw requests that has been transferred to user transactions.

(c): the balance between all user transactions (+ and -) and the total open orders in the exchange.

(d): this is the (almost) real-time balance of the physical wallet for this crypto. This value shall almost always be >= of the other 3, sometimes by much, depending on the crypto. For instance for LCP, since is the base crypto and the wallet is paying profits to Web Wallet user, the value always increase by itself. Other wallets may have fluctuation while users are depositing or withdrawing.